Directors and Coaches

Jose Benitez – President and Director of Coaching

Coaching Philosophy

My goal is to maximize each player’s potential by working to enhance all components of their game. My personal belief is that a player’s greatest area of opportunity is technique. The excellent technique will lead to a more confident player who has more options on the field. Tactical work is then enhanced by players that can fully concentrate on the tasks rather than worry about their technical skills. With that said, I like to prioritize creativity in my players to allow them to make decisions in the game under high pressure. To do this, they must master the technique, which then correlates tactical decisions at a high pace consistently. Therefore, my training sessions are focused on dynamic and creative ways to solve pressure in tight spaces to meet the demands of the game.

Further, I spend significant time integrating my life experiences to help mold, nurture, and shape players to see the bigger picture. I want them to understand that there is more to life than the game, and that making the right choices are an integral part in their overall decisions. The choices that they make, specifically outside of the game will go a long way if their actions are positive and they lead with good intentions. These qualities are important for their future growth both on and off the field and will help bring an awareness when they tackle challenges in school, life, soccer, relationships, and work.

Coaching Profile

  • Leader in the Maryland soccer community for over 8 years as club building player who have excelled both at the club, regional, national, and collegiate levels
  • Created an after-school program for children using soccer as a tool to help children prioritize their school and establish positive living habits.
  • Traveled to Latin America for young athletes in need by providing soccer equipment, food, and clothing for the community.
  • Dedicated to enthusiastic and dynamic coaching as a means of creating and nurturing a lifelong love of the game in players

Coaching Education and License

  • United Soccer Coaches Director Of Coaching Diploma Winter, 2016
  • MSYSA Coaching Education Instructor Winter, 2013
  • Site Coordinator MSYSA for 1st Spanish Language “E” License Course Summer, 2013
  • Site Coordinator for 1st International Youth Development Workshop in Coordination w/ Alejandro Triunfini from Union de Santa Fe, Argentina Winter, 2012
  • USSF “B” License Summer, 2011
  • USSF “C” Summer, 2009
  • USSF “D” Winter, 2007
  • International Coaching Education Trips Summer, 2005 & 2012
  • Traveled to Argentina and Brazil, specifically working with River Plate, Estudiantes, Boca Juniors, and Union de Santa Fe
  • Built relationships with top club coach on an international level exchanging

Coaching History

  • SAC Travel Coach of the Year, 2014
  • SAC U15 USYSA Region 1 Boys Team Head Coach, 2013
  • SAC Academy Coach, 2013
  • ASA Real 98/99 – Current team – Started in U12 NCSL Div 4, winning promotions every season. Competed current season in Region 1 Colonial. 10 players are ODP selections along with 3 Region 1 selections. 10 players experienced an immersion program at River Plate in Argentina in Summer of 2012 through an established professional relationship
  • Freestate Real 95/96 – Started in NCSL Div 3, promoted to Div 1 within 2 years. 8 players selected ODP and 4 Region-1. The team dissolved when 6 players were selected for DC United Academy
  • MSYSA Coach of the Year, 2008
  • EDP DOC of the year 2021
  • EDP Coach of the year 2022
  • Scout for United State National Team
  • Freestate Arsenal 92/93 – Started with a team in NCSL Div 4, winning promotions every season, ending up playing Regional Colonial. 6 players were awarded scholarships, 3 players made ODP, and 1 Region-1 selection. The team also played in international competitions
  • Severna Park HS JV, 2005
  • Annapolis HS JV, 2004

Ryan Shera – Technical Director

Coaching Profile

  • Assistant Coach at Washington College
  • Coach, Educator and Director of youth clubs in Southern California, Nevada and Maryland
  • Worked with refugee players in the Yalla Soccer Club in San Diego was featured on ESPN, NPR, and other national media outlets
  • Featured presenter at the US Soccer Foundation Urban Soccer Symposium (2016)

Coaching Education and License

  • USSF A license
  • United Soccer Coaches Premier Diploma
  • US Soccer National Youth License
  • Attended coaching courses in Holland, Belgium, Croatia, and Northern Ireland under the tutelage of World Football Academy educators Raymond Verheijen and Marcel Lucassen (former Head of Coach & Player Development at Arsenal).

Playing Experience

  • Fordham University and Dickinson College
  • St. Mary’s of Annapolis Varsity
  • US Soccer National Youth License

Jaime Revelo -Vice President and Staff Coach

Coaching Profile

  • Head Soccer Coach at John F. Kennedy H.S. in Montgomery County, Maryland
  • Coach Revelo has worked with the Revolution Soccer Academy Program for the past 9 years developing players to compete at the national and international level
  • Ten of his former 1994 team members are playing college soccer
  • Coach Revelo has taken the Revolution program to the highest national youth level, winning the Disney Showcase and several top Showcases in the US
  • Coach Revelo has developed a program that will prepare young players that want to compete at the college or international level by maintaining the academic and soccer skills to the highest
  • A former student at The University of the District of Columbia (UDC)
  • He currently holds a D license with the US Soccer Federation and a National High School Soccer Diploma with the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA)

James Bedrock – Goal Keeper Coach and Staff Coach

Coaching Profile

  • Volunteer Assistant Coach at Washington College

Playing Experience

  • Washington College
  • Served as a team Captain during senior year
  • Played both in the field as a midfielder and back and as a goalie
  • Played in 37 career collegiate games, 12 as goalie

Dave Filo – Director of Communications and Staff Coach

Coaching Profile

  • Head Coach of Severna Park Falcons Green, 2009s (2020-2023)
  • Head Coach of A3 Aston Villa, 2009s (2015-2020)
  • Head Coach of A3 Mansfield, 2011s (2018-2021)
  • 2009 Boys Age Group Coordinator for Severna Park (2020-2023) and A3 (2015-2020)
  • Assistant Coach of Severna Park Falcons White, 2009s (2020-2023)
  • Assistant Coach of A3 Coventry, 2011s (2019-2021)

Coaching Education and License

  • National “E” License, 2017
  • Continuing Coaching Education under Roy Dunshee, 2019-20
  • Continuing Coaching Education under Ryan Shera, 2020-21

Playing Experience

  • Western Maryland College (now McDaniel College), 1999 – 2003
  • 4-year starter and captain senior year in College
  • Selected to the Centennial Conference all conference teams sophomore and junior year

Chris Wilson – Staff Coach

Coaching Profile

  • Head Coach of Severna Park Falcons Black, 2012s (from 2022-2023, U11 through U12)
  • Head Coach of A3 Blues and A3 United, 2007s (from 2015-2019, U9 through U14)
  • Head Coach of Freestate Arsenal, 1992-93s (from 2002-2003, U9 through U10)
  • 2007 Boys Age Group Coordinator
  • A3 Coach of the Year, 2018
  • Assistant Coach of Severna Park Falcons Green, 2009s (from 2021-2023, U13 through U14)
  • Assistant Coach of A3 Aston Villa, 2009s (from 2016-2021, U8 through U12)
  • Assistant Coach of Freestate Titans, 1991-92s (from 2001-2002, U9)

Coaching Education and License

  • National “E” License, 2016
  • Continuing Coaching Education under Roy Dunshee, 2019-20
  • Continuing Coaching Education under Ryan Shera, 2020-21

Playing Experience

  • Catholic University, 1996 – 2000
  • 4-year starter
  • Freshman year – Rookie of the Year
  • Senior year – Captain, MVP, Student-Athlete Leader Award

Bryan Aguilar – Staff Coach

TFC Development Coaches and Tots Program

Salvador Coreas – Staff Coach

William Garcia – Staff Coach

Carlos Parada – Staff Coach

Hanna Chun- Club Administrator and Registrar