Code of Conduct

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At Total Futbol Soccer Club we are committed to fostering a passion for the game by providing a safe, fun environment where our players can learn the value of teamwork, achieve individual success and develop a strong ethic of good sportsmanship.


  • HUMILITY, have confidence without arrogance, and true sportsmanship.
  • RESPECT, the game, your teammates, your coaches, your referees, and your opponents. Everyone is treated with dignity.
  • INTEGRITY, your actions should inspire trust and confidence. Strive to make the right decisions at the right times for the right reasons.
  • PASSION, love of the game, and exercise dedication to your team and Club.
  • ATTITUDE, your commitment is to do what is needed with a positive outlook.
  • ACCESS, all players deserve opportunities for development.
  • TEAM, being part of something larger than oneself.
  • FAIR PLAY, honoring the rules of the game and the game itself.
  • LOYALTY, Means being reliable in accomplishing your responsibility regardless of how you feel about others.
  1. I will play hard, but I will play within the rules of the game.
  2. I will acclimate myself to the rules of the game.
  3. I will play and practice with enthusiasm and dedication.
  4. I will treat all coaches, players, parents, referees, and spectators with dignity and respect and will avoid, at all cost, any verbal or physical abuse of these people during games and/or practices. I will accept coaches and/or officials decisions without argument.
  5. I will always display good sportsmanship.
  6. I will win with grace and lose with dignity.
  7. I will remember that winning is only important if I can accept losing because both are important parts of the game.
  8. I will accept all consequences for any wrong decisions that I make at either practice or during a game.
  9. I will play to win; I will never give up; I will play my hardest until the final whistle.
  10. I will abide by the by-laws, standing rules, and regulations as set forth by the respective organization.
  11. I will not consume any alcohol, illegal drugs, or tobacco product.

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